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Pursuit of World Aviation Records...
Highest Altitude
Fastest Speed
Around The World
AeroPursuit is a not-for-profit organization. We are a team of individuals who have the spirit of pioneering adventure and enjoy the technological challenges of aviation, with the goal of breaking world class records in flight. 

This endeavor is not a heavily funded corporate one, but one with minimal resources which has already unofficially achieved the following:

  • World’s fastest nonmilitary propeller driven plane at 432 mph at 25,000 feet while cruising in continuous level flight
  • For all of you high performance automotive lovers, this is also the absolute world’s fastest automotive powered vehicle as well

With this announcement, our goal is to now officially set these speed, around the world and altitude records --- unlike in the past, all of these unprecedented records will be done with the same plane.

We are looking for sponsors, donations and need your membership help... come and live the pursuit with me by Joining Our Team TODAY... then when possible, you can literarily be with me live in the highly sophisticated AeroPursuit Plane as it sets these world class aviation records and enjoy other benefits as well.

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