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What you need to know...
AeroPursuit is a not-for-profit organization formed to educate and enlighten the public at large.  This world class endeavor will permit individuals to share in the exciting experience, stimulating intellectual challenges and rewards with the pure joy that only the highest level of aviation achievements can provide.

The goal is in the pursuit of level flight speed records, around the world speed record flights and the record for the highest altitude for a propeller driven plane and to achieve these unprecedented records that has never been done before with the same plane.
To accomplish these goals, there are huge costs associated with them and we are looking for members to join and help defray these financial burdens.  In exchange for being a member, you will get a web site Log in ID number which provides exclusive privileges.  These include, when we attempt to break these records you will be first to be notified, and when it’s possible, (for example when we go around the world), you can watch via live web cam just like your there in real time.

In addition, you will have a choice of either a T shirt or a Hat for your membership fee as well.   We will be looking for corporate sponsorship also and since this is a not-for-profit organization, any and all excess funds will be donated to charity.
We are looking for sponsors, donations and need your membership help!
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