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Our Power Plant...

A highly efficient water cooled high performance automotive type engine was selected for these record attempts.  The linage of this engine comes from the original engine configuration that began in 1995 which received the very prestigious August Raspet Award, annually awarded by the EAA in 1997.

Because we wanted the safest highest efficiency power we could afford, a water cooled engine was the only choice.   Every engine tech book references them as more efficient then air cooled engines and literally every known engine application today, now have water cooling.

There is nothing wrong with typical aircraft air cooled engines, and have been in airplanes since aviation has begun.  Air cooling permits a simpler and less complicated design, but the trade off is that they are just not as efficient due to the higher heat in critical areas of the engine.  We are sure that if the aviation market could justify the huge development and certification cost of a new engine, it would be water cooled.

Every thing has a budget (even NASA) so cost was our main driver of why we chose an automotive type water cooled engine.   We also know and understand that automotive engine are designed for typical intermittent power duty cycle requirement, and were never intended for the continuous power requirements of aircraft.  

To that end, we have literarily no standard automotive components in our engine and we feel it is now an aircraft engine built on an automotive platform.  We now have nothing but heavy duty robust components with extra cooling capabilities in key critical areas, all with sophisticated electronic controls that are calibrated for the continuous power that an aircraft application requires, with the associated redundant safety and reliability for our world record attempts.

For this project the AeroPursuit 550+HP engine, will be a far more sophisticated 4th generation version.  This is the evolution of the base design that has had periodic testing and development that started over 17 years.   

Since we are unencumbered like certified aircraft engines are regarding change and/or technology updates, this 4th generation follows the philosophy of “we retain the right to be smarter as we gain knowledge and experience and reserve the right to take advantage of the latest state of the art in technology as it becomes available.” 

Now, through years of experience and with even more development work being undertaken specifically for this endeavor, this newest and far more sophisticated version will propel Steve even --- Higher, Faster & Farther!
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