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George Simmons
George Simmons is a retired master machinists that is a key integral part of the success of any accomplishments that we have achieved today.  There are literarily no standard parts and/or components on our engine package and these countless parts need to be either modified and/or generated from scratch by fabrication/machining.

George has been in the aerospace and manufacturing industry for over 50 years. This experience covers machinist, toolmaker, chief mechanical inspector and mechanical engineer in quality assurance and has also spent 16 years in the maintenance of high speed manufacturing equipment.  George has worked with Al on the original engines package now for the last 15+ years both in production and testing.  George and Al have also worked together in designing and building some unique engines which where awarded a patent.  George is exciting to be part of this team as this project develops even newer technologies that will get us into the aviation record books.
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