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Existing Records
Though there are innumerable military and/or experimental/race planes that have achieved intermittent high speeds in excess of 500+MPH, they are not considered in these records --- see example below:

The FAI record for the fastest piston-powered aircraft, over a long distance (1,000 km (620 mi)) is 660.53 km/h (410.43 mph) set on 20 June 1946 by a Boeing B-29 Superfortress of the United States Army Air Forces.[10] Higher speed records may exist for other aircraft but are unofficial and not measured by FAI.

  • Altitude record is 56,850 ft for a propeller driven plane
  • Around the world speed record for propeller driven plane 219.69 mph average
  • Around the world flight record non-stop, minimum distance 22,863 miles:

                        Jet, 67 hrs 1 minute

                        Propeller, 9 days 3 minutes

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